Book Give Away

Craig Blomberg is one of my favorite authors. So I’m pleased to offer his newest book, Can We Still Believe the Bible, as our give away this week. Here’s the catalog description along with the table of contents:

Challenges to the reliability of Scripture are perennial and have frequently been addressed. However, some of these challenges are noticeably more common today, and the topic is currently of particular interest among evangelicals.
In this volume, highly regarded biblical scholar Craig Blomberg offers an accessible and nuanced argument for the Bible’s reliability in response to the extreme views about Scripture and its authority articulated by both sides of the debate. He believes that a careful analysis of the relevant evidence shows we have reason to be more confident in the Bible than ever before. As he traces his own academic and spiritual journey, Blomberg sketches out the case for confidence in the Bible in spite of various challenges to the trustworthiness of Scripture, offering a positive, informed, and defensible approach.

1. Aren’t the Copies of the Bible Hopelessly Corrupt?
2. Wasn’t the Selection of Books for the Canon Just Political?
3. Can We Trust Any of Our Translations of the Bible?
4. Don’t These Issues Rule Out Biblical Inerrancy?
5. Aren’t Several Narrative Genres of the Bible Unhistorical?
6. Don’t All the Miracles Make the Bible Mythical?

Leave your name in the comments section by NLT Friday, April 4th 6:00 am EST. I’ll draw the winning name that Friday. If I don’t hear back from the winner within seven days the book will go to another entry. International entries are welcome.

Can We Still Believe the Bible


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