Coming Soon – “The Feasts”

Catholic readers will enjoy the newest book from Cardinal Donald Wuerl and Mike Aquilina: The Feasts: How the Church Year Forms Us as Catholics.

From the catalog:

“Everyday is a holiday in the Catholic Church. In their latest collaboration, Cardinal Wuerl and Mike Aquilina examine the history and traditions behind both favorite and forgotten holidays, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day to the Feast of the Sacred Heart.”

“There is so much history and nuance to the Catholic Church but sometimes its most beautiful aspects are not fully understood. Continuing the work they did to bring fresh understanding to centuries-old aspects of the Mass and the Church, Cardinal Wuerl and Mike Aquilina look at many different celebrations in the yearly calendar of Catholic holidays. Discover the meaning behind and reasons for Advent, Easter, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, the Feast of the Guardian Angels, and all the Marian feasts. This book will show how these special times of year provide a unique catechism for Catholics from all walks of life.”


The Feasts is from Image Books. It will be a hardcover with 224 pages and sell for $23.00. Watch for it this September.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl is the archbishop of Washington, D.C., and the author of The Catholic Way, The Mass and The Church.

Mike Aquilina is the author of more than 20 books, including Angels of God, and appears regularly on EWTN with Scott Hahn.


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