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Just a few items of interest I’ve noted.

John Blake asks “Church Dress: Has it Become to Casual?”

Roger Olsen offers his thoughts on the Heaven if For Real movie. He writes, “So here comes my main critique of the book and movie. I believe in the “intermediate state”—the technical theological term for conscious life after death before resurrection. But I fear the book and movie will reinforce the popular idea that the intermediate state is actually the fullness of heaven (and therefore not an intermediate state!). It isn’t. In fact, we are told very little about it in Scripture. Jesus called it (for the saved) “Paradise.” Paul referred to it as the “third heaven.” But Jesus told his disciples he would go away and prepare a place for them, then return and take them there—to his “Father’s house” with many rooms. So the fullness of heaven is after Christ returns. The “blessed hope” of believers in Christ has always been not the intermediate state, a bodiless existence of being with Christ, but the resurrection and the new heaven and new earth—liberated from bondage to decay (Romans 8).”

Sam Storms wonders why another Protestant has converted to Catholocism.

Tim Challies declares the Pope a false teacher and Francis Beckwith responds.

The Scripture Zealot takes a close look at what it means to say “I can do everything” (Phil. 4:13) He says, But, isn’t “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength” in the Bible? Yes, that would be Philippians 4:13. However, many people make it into a motto that means something other than what the Bible means. What’s so bad about that?”

Larry Hurtado offers some observations on the Jesus’ Wife Fragment.


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