Coming Soon – “Suffering and the Search for Meaning” by Richard Rice

Yesterday I met with my IVP rep. There are a number of good books on the horizon but I want to just focus on one of those today. Suffering and the Search for Meaning provides an overview and analysis of seven of the most common theodicies. The chapter titles are illustrative:

1. My God, Why? The Question That Never Goes Away

2. God Never Makes Mistakes: Perfect Plan Theodicy

3. Let Freedom Ring: The Free Will Defense

4. No Pain, No Gain: Soul Making Theodicy

5. An Enemy Hath Done This: Cosmic Conflict Theodicy

6. Love Makes the World Go Round: Openess of God Theodicy

7. Even God Can’t Do Everything: Finite God Theodicy

8. Rage Against the Dying of the Light: Protest Theodicies

9. Fragments of Meaning: When Suffering Comes to You

Roger Olson says, “I know of no better brief summary, analysis and critique of contemporary approaches to the problem of evil. Rice clearly knows which approaches he favors, but his treatments of all are fair and informative. This should become a standard text in course on philosophy of religion as well as a useful resource for anyone interested in theodicy.”

Watch for this in July. Suffering and the Search for Meaning is from IVP Academic. It will be a paperback with 170 pages and sell for $18.00

Richard Rice is professor of religion at Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California. He is the author of several books, including God’s Foreknowledge and Man’s Free Will and Reason and the Contours of Faith.






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2 Responses to Coming Soon – “Suffering and the Search for Meaning” by Richard Rice

  1. Brett Lunn says:

    Does Rice treat the free will defense as a theodicy? Plantinga clearly differentiates the two and that is often why the free will defense is accepted by so many philosophers of religion.


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