Coming This Winter – “The Book of Revelation” by G.K. Beale

One of the finest commentaries on the book of Revelation is by G.K. Beale in the New International Greek Testament Commentary series. In his New Testament Commentary Survey D.A. Carson writes this about Beale’s commentary:

“For students and well-trained pastors, the commentary that best combines comprehensiveness with biblical fidelity, exegesis with theology, and literary sensitivity with historical awareness, is that of G.K. Beale (NIGTC, 1999). The prose is sometimes dense, and inevitably (not least in a book like this!), readers will want to disagree with him from time to time–but there are few significant things that Beale has not thought deeply about. He is especially good at untangling how the Apocalypse incorporates the Old Testament passages and themes.” (156-57)

But even a well-trained pastor is often strapped for time and a 1,300-page commentary can seem daunting when you’re in the middle of sermon preparation. Coming this November is an abridged edition of Beale’s commentary–The Book of Revelation. This commentary will provide the very best from his larger volume making it more accessible to pastors and students. “In this abridged volume Beale discusses the book of Revelation verse by verse, drawing out its profound truths and encouragements concerning Christian life and discipleship. Following each commentary section is a set of ‘Suggestions for Reflection’ to help readers apply that passage in Revelation to their own lives.” (From the catalog description.) The abridged edition will be a hardcover with 552 pages and sell for $35.00. It is published by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

Book of Revelation



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