“The Psalms” ESV – A Review

I often get requests for a copy of just the Psalms. There aren’t many out there and so I was really pleased when I heard Crossway was going to do an edition of the Psalms. When the ESV first came out they did do a small imitation leather edition but it has gone out of print. This week we received our first copies of the new edition and it is very nice. It currently comes in three styles: Top Grain Leather, Black; TruTone, Brown, TruTone Over Board, Brown/Walnut. The latter two sell for $17.99 and the leather edition sells for $49.99.

The size is 4.5″ x 6.5″. The width is about 3/4″ which makes it a bit bulkier than what some might expect for just the Psalms. The interior is very nicely laid out with a single-column format. The paper is heavier than Bible paper and is ivory or off-white in color. The text is in an 11-point font. The font style combined with the color of the paper makes it very comfortable to read. You can see some interior samples here. There is ample white-space which adds to the aesthetic value. Speaking of aesthetic value the leather edition has four raised bands on the spine which is very attractive. The other editions do not have this feature. All three include a ribbon marker.  None of the editions have gilt-edges. It does not lay flat but I think with some use this would not be as much of a problem. This is the impression I got from the leather edition. The leather over board would be a different story.  They do have a sewn binding which will give them a longer life.

Those looking for a copy of the Psalms will be very pleased with this edition especially if they are already fans of the ESV. The bulkier size will be a deterrent for some. N.T. Wright in his book, The Case for the Psalms, makes an urgent plea for regular reading of the Psalms. He says that “the regular praying and singing of the Psalms is transformative. It changes the way we understand some of the deepest elements of who we are, or rather, who, where, when, and what we are: we are creatures of space, time, and matter, though we take our normal understandings of these for granted, it is my suggestion that the Psalms will gently but firmly transform our understandings of all of them.” (6-7)




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2 Responses to “The Psalms” ESV – A Review

  1. Nice packaging for sure. Then again, reading the NRSV would yield the same thing.


  2. PsalterMark says:

    This is a very helpful review. I don’t often reblog and I hope you are happy that did so without asking. Best wishes, PsalterMark.


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