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This week’s give away is a slender volume but don’t let that fool you. Testing Scripture by John Polkinghorne is “one of the most important Christian thinkers alive” according to Karl Giberson. Here’s the catalog description:

“Scientist and theologian John Polkinghorne is one of the world’s leading authorities on issues of science and faith. In this compelling work, he provides a fresh, honest look at key themes of the Bible from an analytical and rational perspective, offering a series of insights that have helped him in his own engagement with the Bible. Polkinghorne tackles the questions a modern Western thinker might bring to the Bible, including issues of Scripture and authority, contradiction and ambiguity, and the creation and fall. He also addresses theological challenges of the Old Testament, the Gospels, and the writings of Paul. ‘I have written this little book in the hope that it will be helpful to those who are seeking a careful and thoughtful engagement with the Bible in their quest for a truthful understanding of the ways of God and the nature of spiritual reality,’ writes Polkinghorne. His nuanced approach will be appreciated by any reader with an open and inquiring mind who is interested in the intersection between science and Scripture.”

Leave your name in the comments section by NLT Friday, July 4th 6:00 am EST. I’ll announce the winner sometime that weekend (we are closed on the 4th). If I don’t hear back from the winner within seven days the book will go to another entry.

testing scripture


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  1. Paul Adams
    Paul Adams
    Paul Adams
    Paul Adams
    Okay…..I feel better 😉


  2. Ramzi Faddoul says:

    Ramzi Faddoul


  3. Dwight Gingrich says:

    Dwight Gingrich


  4. Pamela Koch says:

    Pamela Koch — enjoyed what I have already read by Polkinghorne and would love to have this one too.


  5. Jae Young Kim says:



  6. Daniel Lute says:

    Daniel Lute


  7. Laura says:

    Laura Martin


  8. Jason says:

    Count me in!


  9. Harold Dixon says:

    Harold Dixon


  10. Patrick says:

    Thanks Patrick


  11. mccrackenrandy says:

    Randy McCracken


  12. Sean Lu says:



  13. Frank Federico says:

    Frank Federico


  14. Rev. Bryant J. Williams III says:

    Bryant J. Williams III


  15. Daniel Ashworth says:

    Daniel Ashworth


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