Halloween: What’s a Christian to Do?

Let me just say up front–I’m offering no answers. In some churches mention Halloween and an argument is bound to break out. It is a sensitive topic for many Christians. When I was living in seminary housing those who wished to participate either left their door open or put a paper pumpkin on the door. Closed doors with no pumpkin meant “don’t bother to knock.” Here are a few links which may you may find helpful. They don’t all come to the same conclusion but will offer food for thought. I’ve offered a paragraph or so from each to give you a glimpse of what the article is advocating.

Grace to You (Travis Allen)- “Christians and Halloween” “Ultimately, Christian participation in Halloween is a matter of conscience before God. Whatever level of Halloween participation you choose, you must honor God by keeping yourself separate from the world and by showing mercy to those who are perishing. Halloween provides the Christian with the opportunity to accomplish both of those things in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Mary Fairchild – “What Does the Bible Say About Halloween?” “I believe the most appropriate Christian response to Halloween is to study the matter for yourself and follow the convictions of your own heart. Let others do the same without condemnation from you. Perhaps the answer to the Halloween dilemma is … there is no right or wrong answer! I believe one’s unique convictions about Halloween must be individually sought, independently found, and personally followed.”

Focus on the Family – “Should Christians Participate in Halloween?” “Ultimately, we believe that you should stay faithful to your own convictions and do what you think best.”

J. Kerby Anderson – “Ten Reasons Christians Should Not Celebrate Halloween” “Participating in Halloween gives sanction to a holiday that promotes witches, divination, haunted houses, and other occultic practices.”

Word on Fire (Fr. Steve Grunow) – “It’s Time for Catholics to Embrace Halloween” “But what is the proper response to a culture of death? To lock the Church behind closed doors or to let her out into the world? I think it is time for Catholics to accept the religious liberties that this culture claims to afford them and go public with their own festivals- and to do so dramatically and with a great deal of public fervor. What is holding us back? What are we afraid will happen? The reticence and fear that characterizes Catholics is costing the Church its unique culture and it is allowing the culture of death to flourish. Halloween should not be a day when our churches go dark and Christians retreat into the shadows, but when we fill the darkness with Christ’s light and go out into the culture, inviting everyone to the prepare for the festival of the Saints with all the joy we can muster.”

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (Matt Slick) – “Where Did Halloween Come From? Can a Christian Celebrate it?” “Even though Halloween has pagan origins and because of your freedom in Christ, you and/or your kids can dress up in costumes and go door-to-door and just have fun. However, if you are not comfortable with doing this, then you should not. If you know of a person who would be hindered by doing it, then you shouldn’t either.”

Christian Mommies (Kelly McCausey) – “Why We Don’t Celebrate Halloween” The article starts with a disclaimer: “Editor’s Note: this isn’t an official stance per se, and we have forum members of varying opinions on Halloween. I’m sticking this note here to clear up any confusion, because usually around Halloween we have some forum applicants under the impression that every single C’Mom here is against Halloween.” From the article: “My son will not celebrate or participate in Halloween because:

– I don’t want him to underestimate the devil
– I don’t want him to open up to demonic influence
– I don’t want him to stumble into an area of the occult unaware
– I want him to know that I take the Bible literally
– I want him to prefer the light of the Gospel to the darkness of the occult
– I want him to know that it is OK to stand apart from the world on these issues
– I want him to recognize easily what is evil and stand against it in the name of Jesus”


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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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2 Responses to Halloween: What’s a Christian to Do?

  1. ksusanh says:

    Louis, Thanks for putting this compilation together. I find it interesting and disturbing to see the wide rang of beliefs of what to do about Halloween from all these Christian’s/Christian Organizations.


  2. Just a bit of fun, but then the ‘fun’ is alwasy attractive especially if it has occult roots. Could that mean that our children are in danger of demonic influence. I think it does, so I politely refuse to join in. I do not give offence by judging, that would not be right. So I leave well alone. Or , this year I might decied to give a Christian colouring book.


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