What Happened to the Twelve Apostles?

It’s a question I’m asked a few times every year. There are a couple of books that address it but not many. In meeting with my new rep from Moody Publishers I was delighted to see a new book coming on the subject. After Acts by Bryan Litfin will be released in February 2015. Here’s the catalog description:

“What happened to all those biblical figures once the Bible was finished? We’ve all heard it said: ‘According to early church tradition Peter was crucified upside down,’ or ‘Paul went to Spain.’ Did Thomas found the Indian church? Or did Mary live in Ephesus? Were the twelve disciples all eventually martyred?

Where do these ancient traditions come from, and how historically reliable are they? What is meant by the term ‘early church tradition?’ After Acts opens up the world of the Bible-right after it was written. Follow along with New Testament scholar, Dr. Bryan Litfin as he explores the facts, myths, legends, archaeology, and questions of what happened in those most early days of Christianity.”

BRYAN LITFIN grew up in Dallas, TX; Oxford, England; and Memphis, TN. He earned a degree in print journalism from the University of Tennessee, a master’s degree in historical theology at Dallas Seminary, and a Ph.D. in the field of ancient church history at the University of Virginia. He now serves as Professor of Theology at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. He is the author of Getting to Know the Church Fathers (Brazos Press), and Early Christian Martyr Stories (Baker Academic).

After Acts will be a paperback with 208 pages and sell for $14.99.

After Acts



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4 Responses to What Happened to the Twelve Apostles?

  1. Dick Probert says:

    Will this be available on Kindle?


  2. Michael Daykin says:

    I also found “The Search for the Twelve Apostles” by William Steuart McBirnie to be a good read on this. Short and concise and covers other NT figures such as Mark, Luke & Paul. This one certainly looks like at interesting read as well though.


    • Louis says:

      McBernie’s book has been the one I’ve been recommending. Another good one, though harder to find, is The Twelve by Edgar Goodspeed. Every now and then we get one in our used books department.


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