Coming July 2015 – “Exploring Catholic Theology” by Fr. Robert Barron

Fr. Robert Barron is one of my favorite Catholic writers and my Catholic customers absolutely love him. Coming next July Baker Academic will release his new book Exploring Catholic Theology. Here’s the catalog description along with the table of contents:

“Robert Barron is one of the Catholic Church’s premier theologians and author of the influential The Priority of Christ. In this volume, Barron sets forth a thoroughgoing vision for an evangelical catholic theology that is steeped in the tradition and engaged with the contemporary world. Striking a balance between academic rigor and accessibility, the book covers issues of perennial interest in the twenty-first-century church: who God is, how to rightly worship him, and how his followers engage contemporary culture. Topics include the doctrine of God, Catholic theology, philosophy, liturgy, and evangelizing the culture. This work will be of special interest to readers concerned about the so-called ‘new atheism.’


Part 1: Doctrine of God
1. Augustine’s Questions: Why the Augustinian Theology of God Matters Today
2. Thomas Aquinas and Why the Atheists Are Right
3. The Metaphysics of Coinherence: A Mediation on the Essence of the Christian Message
4. The Trinity on Display in the Economy of Salvation: An Irenaean Meditation
Part 2: General Theology and Philosophy
5. To See according to the Icon of Jesus Christ: Reflections on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition
6. A Tale of Two Cardinals: Avery Dulles’s Creative Engagement of the Thought of John Henry Newman
7. John Henry Newman among the Postmoderns
8. Biblical Interpretation and Theology: A Meditation on Irenaeus, Modernity, and Vatican II
Part 3: Liturgy and the Eucharist
9. The Eucharist as the Telos of the Law in the Writings of Thomas Aquinas
10. The Liturgical Self: An Exploration of Christian Anthropology in Light of the Liturgy
11. The Eucharist: Sacred Banquet, Sacrifice, Real Presence
Part 4: Evangelization
12. Why Bernard Lonergan Matters for Pastoral People
13. Announcing the Lordship of Jesus Christ: The Evangelical Task within Contemporary Culture
14. From Correlation to Assimilation: A New Model for the Church-Culture Dialogue
15. To Evangelize the Culture

No doubt this will be a solid contribution to the Catholic market. Exploring Catholic Theology will be a paperback with 256 pages and sell for $24.99.

Robert Barron (STD, Institut Catholique de Paris) is rector of Mundelein Seminary and president of the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Illinois. He founded Word on Fire, a Catholic ministry of evangelism, and has written numerous books, including Catholicism (over 100,000 copies sold), The Priority of Christ, The Strangest Way: Walking the Christian Path (winner of a Catholic Press Association Book Award), and Heaven in Stone and Glass.

Exploring Catholic Theology



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