Every Day Our Lives Reenact Events of Biblical History

This past week I finished Verbum Domini and the Complimentarity of Exegesis and Theology edited by Fr. Scott Carl. It is the first in a new series from Eerdmans entitled “Catholic Theological Formation Series.” It is an amazing book which I really enjoyed reading. I’ll be doing some posts on it later but I liked this quote from Henri de Lubac by Mary Healy expressing “that the Christian life consists of a ‘daily reenactment’ of the events of biblical history. de Lubac wrote:

“Each day, in the depths of our being, Israel leaves Egypt, each day it is nourished with the manna, each day it fulfills the Law, each day it must engage in combat, each day the promises that were made to this people in a carnal way are realize spiritually is us. . . . Each day the Lord comes, each day he approaches Jerusalem.” (p. 118)

As you reflect on your day what events of Biblical history can you see reenacted?

Verbum Domini and the Complimentarity of Exegesis and Theology is a paperback with 192 pages and sells for $25.00.

“In Verbum Domini, his 2010 apostolic exhortation, Pope Benedict XVI challenged the church to keep theology firmly rooted in the study of Scripture. The essays collected here respond thoughtfully and concretely to that charge, together demonstrating that exegesis is essential to the theological task and to faith for scholars, students, and the broader Church.” (From the catalog description.)

Fr. Scott Carl is assistant professor of Sacred Scripture at the Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity, University of St. Thomas, where he is also director of the Monsignor Jerome D. Quinn Institute of Biblical Studies.

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2 Responses to Every Day Our Lives Reenact Events of Biblical History

  1. Timothy says:


    I was completely unaware of this new series. Thank you for sharing this and Merry Christmas!


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