What Was it Like to Study Under Karl Barth?

I’m reading  a short little book by Karlfried Froehlich entitled Sensing the Scriptures (Eerdmans). I’ve only completed the first two chapters but so far I’ve found it to be enjoyable and highly informative as he begins to unpack the interpretive method using the four fold meaning of Scripture. I did a quick YouTube search and discovered a short video of an interview done with him and was delighted to discover that he actually studied for a while with Karl Barth. I’ll be talking more about the book later but for the time being you might enjoy this interview. I’ve included the questions and time locations below the video. If you would like to see video footage of Barth see my post here.

Karlfried Froehlich is Benjamin B. Warfield Professor of Ecclesiastical History Emeritus at Princeton Theological Seminary. His previous books include Biblical Interpretation from the Church Fathers to the Reformation.

:24 – What Barth said to him when he told him of his plans to come to America to study.

1:08 – On meeting Barth (he comments on the exegesis Barth required as well as his lectures being a bit dry.)

2:15 – On Barth’s accent

3:08 – Barth the teacher

4:17 – Barth in private

5:01 – Barth’s theological influence on Froehlich

5:53 – On Froehlich’s retirement

Sensing the Scriptures is a paperback with 176 pages and sells for $25.00.

Sensing the Scriptures



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