Coming April 2015 – “Welcome to the Orthodox Church” by Frederica Mathewes-Green

My experience has taught me that many Protestants don’t have a proper understanding of the Catholic church. If that is true they are even less familiar with the Orthodox Church. So I was excited to see a new introduction to Eastern Christianity from Frederica Mathewes-Green called Welcome to the Orthodox Church (Paraclete Press). Here’s the catalog description:

“There are other introductory books about Orthodoxy. This one comprehensively covers the history, theology, and practice without talking over your head. Mathewes-Green takes the original approach of bringing you into a typical church for a series of visits. That is how Christians learned the faith for most of history, by coming into a community and keeping their eyes and ears open. Designed primarily for newcomers to come to understand Orthodoxy and Orthodox Christians, this guide to the faith is also a non-threatening and accessible introduction to people already ‘in the pews.’ Inviting rather than argumentative, this is a book Orthodox Christians will be giving to their friends.”

I’ve enjoyed other works by Mathewes-Green and have high expectations for this one. Watch for it this April. It will be a paperback with 384 pages and sell for $18.99.

Welcome to the Orthodox


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