Coming this July – “Advances in the Study of Greek” by Constantine Campbell

Most pastors I know struggle to keep up with their Greek. I studied Greek for a meager two years. That was 32 years ago!! I know just enough to know I shouldn’t say anything about Greek. Constantine Campbell wrote a book a few years ago called Keep Your Greek. In a short 96 pages Con offered some simple steps to help people keep up with their Greek. It is a brilliant little book.

As with any field of study advances take place. Those who have not kept up with their Greek and even those who have may not be aware of some of the advances that have been made in the study of Greek. They could probably be helped by a book that would give them some guidance in those advances. Coming this July Zondervan will release Con Campbell’s new book, Advances in the Study of Greek: Insights for Reading the Greek New Testament. I couldn’t be more excited about this. This should be in every pastor’s library. It has become commonplace for pastors to quote from the original languages. If pastors are going to continue to cite original languages they need to avail themselves of the latest in scholarship. That is easier said than done but this volume from Dr. Campbell will go a long way to help bring pastors up to speed on that scholarship. Here’s the catalog description:

Advances in the Study of Greek offers an introduction to issues of interest in the current world of Greek scholarship. Those within Greek scholarship will welcome this book as a tool that puts students, pastors, professors, and commentators firmly in touch with what is going on in Greek studies. Those outside Greek scholarship will warmly receive Advances in the Study of Greek as a resource to get themselves up to speed in Greek studies. Free of technical linguistic jargon, the scholarship contained within is highly accessible to outsiders.

Advances in the Study of Greek provides an accessible introduction for students, pastors, professors, and commentators to understand the current issues of interest in this period of paradigm shift.”

The book will be a paperback with 256 pages and sell for $34.99.

Constantine R. Campbell is Associate Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is the author of several books, including Paul and Union with Christ; Verbal Aspect, the Indicative Mood, and Narrative; and Outreach and the Artist.

Advances in the Study



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