March 2015 Best Sellers

Here’s my best sellers for the month of March. We did a book table for a play that was based on the book Resurrection: Ruse or Reality (# 9). The play was performed for three days. We were there for two of those days. We had a large special order for The Case for Christ (#1). A local church is giving copies away on Easter Sunday. It’s no surprise to me that Fr. Barron’s new book, Seeds of the Word (#7), is on the list. Shortly after it was released the publisher ran out. Another church is using James Martin’s book My Life with the Saints (#4) for a study. The Reason for God (# 5) has a consistent presence of the list.

#10 – The Heart of the Story by Randy Frazee (Zondervan)

Heart of the Story

# 9 – Resurrection: Ruse or Reality by L. James Harvey (CrossLink Publishing)


# 8 – The Lost World of Adam and Eve by John Walton (IVP)

Lost World of Adam and Eve

# 7 – Seeds of the Word by Fr. Robert Barron (Word on Fire)

Seeds of the Word

# 6 – The Case for Grace by Lee Strobel (Zondervan)

Case for Grace

# 5 – Reason for God by Timothy Keller (Penguin)

Reason for God

# 4 – My Life With the Saints by James Martin (Loyola Press)

My life with the saints

# 3 – An Exploration of Christian Theology by Don Thorsen (Baker Academic)

image description

# 2 – Next by William Vanderbloemen, and Warren Bird (Baker Books)


# 1 – The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel (Zondervan)

Case for Christ



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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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3 Responses to March 2015 Best Sellers

  1. I like these lists.


    • Louis says:

      Hi Jeff,
      I’m glad you do. I have had several people tell me they enjoy them. I like doing them. Sometimes the list is a surprise to me. It helps me keep an eye on my department. Happy Easter!


  2. Fr. Barron’s “Seeds of the Word” book is DYNAMITE. I just finished reading it and feel like I walked away with a million and a half nuggets of gold. So enriching. If you haven’t already purchased it or given it a read, please do yourself a favor and do so right now! 😀


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