Coming this June – “What Does it Mean to Be Catholic?”

With Fr. Barron coming to our store this July our Catholic department has seen considerable increased traffic. This June I’ll be happy to add to our inventory a new book from Eerdmans by Jack Mulder, Jr. The book is What Does it Mean to Be Catholic?” Here’s the catalog description:

“What does it mean to be Catholic? Many people, both non-Catholics and even Catholics themselves, really don’t know. This accessible book by Jack Mulder is ideal for all who are curious to know more about Catholicism.

Writing in a conversational style, Mulder clearly portrays the main contours of the Catholic faith. For readers who have ever wondered what exactly the Roman Catholic Church teaches about predestination, original sin, the Virgin Mary, abortion, same-sex marriage, and other issues, Mulder explains all that — and much more — in simple language.

Mulder, who was raised in the Protestant tradition and converted to Catholicism later in life, speaks from the perspective of having wrestled with his own beliefs over the years. With solid information — and without proselytizing — Mulder’s What Does It Mean to Be Catholic? presents a truly fresh perspective on the distinctive features of the Catholic faith.”

What Does it Mean to Be Catholic? will be a paperback with 231 pages and sell for $20.00.

Jack Mulder Jr. is associate professor of philosophy at Hope College, Holland, Michigan. He is also the author of Kierkegaard and the Catholic Tradition: Conflict and Dialogue.

Here are just a couple of the early endorsements:

“This is one of the most surprising and unique books I’ve encountered in recent years. It is the meditation of a convert, but it is not at all defensive or apologetic. Jack Mulder is a man who appreciates his past as he relishes his present. He has produced a book that in its breadth and depth — and its pure delight in God’s astonishing ways — evokes Augustine. It inspires and instructs, just as it builds bridges instead of walls.”

Scott Hahn

“User-friendly, clear, orthodox, honest, personal, and winsome. Free of scholarly baloney, rhetorical tricks, or argumentative intimidation, this is a very good book to introduce Catholicism to open-minded inquirers, especially evangelical Protestants.”

Peter Kreeft

“In this book Jack Mulder speaks as an adult convert to Catholicism who both values ecumenical dialogue and loves the beauty he sees in Catholicism. Mulder’s book will be useful to all those who want a brief, highly readable, historically informed overview of the distinctive doctrines that define the Roman Catholic faith. Teachings about purgatory or sainthood or the pope are presented as outgrowths of a coherent and unifying vision of God’s redemptive purposes. Mulder writes with both conviction and an irenic spirit toward all who seek the truth.”

Caroline J. Simon

What does it mean

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