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This week I’m offering Fr. Robert Barron’s newest commentary in the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible series on 2 Samuel. This weekend I read the first five chapters. Fr. Barron is insightful as always. Rarely do I just sit and read a commentary from the beginning but this one is certainly an exception. I found it hard to put down. I have no doubt this will be one of the stronger entries in this series. Leave your name in the comments section by NLT Friday, May 1st, 6:00 am EST. I’ll draw the winning name that Friday. If I don’t hear back from the winner within 7 days the book will go to another entry. International entries are welcome. As a matter of fact my last three winners were international: two from Australia and one from Canada.



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I am a 1997 graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.
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