Was Peter an Apostate?

Yesterday I met with my Eerdmans rep. There’s quite a nice list coming this Fall. There was one book that caught me by surprise. Robert Gundry has a new book called Peter: False Disciple and Apostate according to Saint Matthew. This should prove to be very interesting and slightly controversial. Here’s the catalog description:

“In this highly original book Robert Gundry argues that the ways in which Matthew portrays the apostle Peter fit the description of false disciples and apostates elsewhere in Matthew’s Gospel.

After surveying various wide-ranging assessments of Matthew’s portrayal of Peter, Gundry offers a brand-new analysis, examining every Matthean passage where Peter’s name occurs as well as passages where Matthew apparently omitted the name though it occurs in his sources. Gundry places Matthew’s portrayal of Peter within the framework of two major, distinctive themes in the First Gospel — the church as a mixed body of true and false disciples and persecution as exposing false discipleship.

Gundry uses this investigation to support his claim that Matthew portrays Peter as a false disciple and apostate, like Judas Iscariot, and that Peter’s denials of Jesus rule him out of God’s kingdom.”

Watch for it this September. It will be a paperback with 152 pages and sell for $20.00.

Robert Gundry is Scholar-in-Residence at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California.



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2 Responses to Was Peter an Apostate?

  1. Spencer says:

    My wife and I watched his video about this. It was quite intriguing, but I don’t remember him ever saying why Matthew would write Peter as this if Peter wasn’t apostate (as far as we know). If the NT says otherwise, why would Matthew be different? I’m interested to read this and Gundry’s arguments about harmonization with the other Gospels and the rest of the NT.


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