Book Give Away

This week I’m offering The Kingdom According to Luke and Acts by Karl Allen Kuhn (Baker Academic). Here’s the catalog description:

“This substantial, reliable introduction examines the character and purpose of Luke and Acts and provides a thorough yet economical treatment of Luke’s social, historical, and literary context. Karl Allen Kuhn presents Luke’s narrative as a “kingdom story” that both announces the arrival of God’s reign in Jesus and describes the ministry of the early church, revealing the character of the kingdom as dramatically at odds with the kingdom of Rome. Kuhn explores the background, literary features, plotting, and themes of Luke and Acts but also offers significant, fresh insights into the persuasive force of Luke’s impressively crafted and rhetorically charged narrative.”

Karl Allen Kuhn (PhD, Marquette University) is professor of religion at Lakeland College in Plymouth, Wisconsin. He is the author of Having Words with God: The Bible as Conversation, The Heart of Biblical Narrative: Rediscovering Biblical Appeal to the Emotions, and Luke: The Elite Evangelist.

Leave your name in the comments section by NLT Friday, May 15th 6:00 am EST. I’ll draw the winner’s name that Friday. If I don’t hear back from the winner within seven days the book will go to another entry.



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