Coming Soon – “Luis de Molina”

If you’re  fan of William Lane Craig or the doctrine of middle knowledge have I got the book for you. Coming this November from Zondervan is Luis de Molina: The Life and Theology of the Founder of Middle Knowledge by Kirk R. MacGregor. Readers of Craig know the importance he lays on the doctrine of middle knowledge. This book will fill in some of the important details regarding the founder of this controversial doctrine. Here’s the book’s catalog description:

“When Luis de Molina died in Madrid in 1600, he had every reason to believe he was about to be anathametized by Pope Clement VIII. The Protestant Reformation was splitting Europe, tribunals of the Inquisition met regularly in a dozen Spanish cities, and the Pope had launched a commission two years earlier to investigate Molina’s writings.

Molina was eventually vindicated, though the decision came seven years after his death. In the centuries that followed Molina was relegated to relatively minor status in the history of theology until a renaissance of interest in recent years. His doctrine of God’s “middle knowledge,” in particular, has been appropriated by a number of current philosophers and theologians, with apologist William Lane Craig calling it “one of the most fruitful theological ideas ever conceived.”

In Luis de Molina: The Life and Theology of the Founder of Middle Knowledge, author Kirk R. MacGregor outlines the main contours of Molina’s subtle and far-reaching philosophical theology, covering his views on God’s foreknowledge, salvation and predestination, poverty and obedience, and social justice. Drawing on writings of Molina never translated into English, MacGregor also provides insight into the experiences that shaped Molina, recounting the events of a life fully as dramatic as any of the Protestant Reformers.

With implications for topics as wide-ranging as biblical inerrancy, creation and evolution, the relationship between Christianity and world religions, the problem of evil, and quantum indeterminacy, Molina’s thought remains as fresh and relevant as ever. Most significantly, perhaps, it continues to offer the possibility of a rapprochement between Calvinism and Arminianism, a view of salvation that fully upholds both God’s predestination and human free will.

As the first full-length work ever published on Molina, Kirk MacGregor’s Luis de Molina provides an accessible and insightful introduction for scholars, students, and armchair theologians alike.”

Kirk R. MacGregor (Ph.D., University of Iowa) is a Molinism expert and the author of several scholarly works including A Molinist-Anabaptist Systematic Theology. A member of the “middle knowledge” consultation of the Evangelical Theological Society, he teaches religious studies at Carthage College, Trinity Christian College, and the College of DuPage, all in the Chicagoland area.

Put this one on your Christmas list. Luis de Molina will be a paperback with 288 pages and sell for $27.99.

(Note: this cover image is the one pictured in the catalog but I don’t believe it is final.)

Luis de Molina



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One Response to Coming Soon – “Luis de Molina”

  1. Nice! Intrigued for sure. Without Molina, I wonder what kind of career Craig would’ve had. Of course only those who hold to middle knowledge would even think like that (tongue in cheek).


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