Apologetics – A Survey of Contemporary Approaches

Mapping Apologetics is a new book from IVP Academic written by Brian K. Morley. I’ve been a long-time lover of apologetics. Take a look at the table of contents. You’ll quickly see why I’m so excited about this excellent book.

Part I: Foundational Issues
1. Apologetics in the Bible
2. Apologetics in History: A Survey

Part II: Apologetic Methodologies
3. Cornelius Van Til: Christianity Is an Intellectual Commitment We Cannot Do Without
4. John Frame: We See Ultimate Truth from More Than One Perspective

Reformed Epistemology
5. Alvin Plantinga: Belief in God Is an Immediate Awareness, and Belief in Christianity Is a Gift of God

6. E. J. Carnell, Gordon Lewis and Francis Schaeffer: Christianity Is Logical, Factual and Viable

Classical Apologetics
7. Introduction to Classical Apologetics
8. Richard Swinburne: Theism and Christianity Are Highly Probable
9. William Lane Craig: God Is Proved by Theistic Arguments, and Christianity by Evidences
10. Norman Geisler: Theism Is Proved by What Is Undeniable, and Christianity Is Known from Evidences

11. John Warwick Montgomery
12. Gary Habermas

Regarding the treatment of his own approach John Warwick Montgomery says “Mapping Apologetics¬†provides the most complete and best analysis to date of my overall apologetic approach.” And John Frame writes “Brian Morley shows mastery of the details of my approach, including the qualifications and nuances.”

Brian K. Morley (PhD, Claremont University) is professor of philosophy and apologetics at the Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California. He is the author of God in the Shadows: Evil in God’s World and has been a member of the Evangelical Theological Society, the Evangelical Philosophical Society and the Society of Christian Philosophers.

Mapping Apologetics is a paperback with 384 pages and sells for $25.00.

Mapping Apologetics


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One Response to Apologetics – A Survey of Contemporary Approaches

  1. J.W. Wartick says:

    The book is something to get excited about! I enjoyed it myself. If you’re interested, I reviewed the book here: http://jwwartick.com/2015/05/13/ma-morley/


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