Coming Soon – “Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians”

The Medieval church suffers from some terrible PR. Ask most Christians what we can learn from that time period and you’re likely to draw a blank or nothing but bad ideas; e.g., they believed the Earth was flat. Next February author Chris Armstrong will help us see a more positive image of the Medieval church. Here’s the catalog description of Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christian:

“Most evangelical accounts of church history tend to leave out the medieval period. Tapping into current evangelical ancient-future interests, church historian Chris Armstrong introduces the riches of the medieval church, helping contemporary Christians discover authentic faith and renewal in a forgotten era. Armstrong explores key ideas, figures, and movements from the Middle Ages in conversation with C. S. Lewis and other thinkers, making medieval wisdom accessible and edifying for today’s church.”

Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians is from Brazos Press and will be a paperback with 240 pages and sell for $19.99.

Chris R. Armstrong (PhD, Duke University) is the founding director of Opus: The Art of Work, an institute on faith and vocation at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, where he also serves as a faculty member in biblical and theological studies. He formerly served as professor of church history at Bethel Seminary and was founding director of the Bethel Work with Purpose initiative. Armstrong is senior editor of Christian History and senior editor of the Patheos Faith and Work Channel. He is also the author of Patron Saints for Postmoderns.



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