It seems appropriate, though unfortunate, on this Memorial Day to remember two Christian scholars that have passed away this past week. Kenneth Bailey was the author of the very popular book Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes (IVP Academic). During my time at the store I can say sometimes it was hard to keep his books on the shelf. They enjoyed wave after wave of popularity as people were introduced to him and his writings. You can read more about him here.

Kenneth Bailey

John Webster was Anglican British theologian and was the Chair of Divinity at St. Mary’s College, University of St Andrews, Scotland. I was introduced to the writings of Webster in just the past few years. Scholars who wrote in areas of his interest knew they had to interact with his thinking. I think he was just starting to break through to the awareness of the educated lay reader. You can read about him here.

John Webster

We will keep their family and friends in our prayers. May the writings they left behind to the church be used mightily by God.