Hey, everyone! I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who’s stuck with this blog through staff transition and months of inactivity. We appreciate you.

Here at the store, our mission is “To equip the Church to live and grow in faith.” That’s something we strive for from top to bottom. Everything Chris does for the librarians. All of our store events. Our kids stuff. It’s all about equipping the “big C” Church and “little c” churches to do what they’re called to do. And hopefully the content of this blog does that, too.

But since church-connecting is the mission of our entire operation, I thought it made sense to let the name of this blog reflect the specific way that goal is accomplished in this space. For years, the folks at the store have lightheartedly referred to our academic area as “The Deep End.” I sense that implicit in that name is a sort of tongue-in-cheek warning: Be careful venturing in there! But I also sense in it an acknowledgement of the importance of academic literature. In “depth” there can be both apprehension and reverence. And, for some of us, thrill.

This blog has been, and will continue to be, mainly for the thrill-seekers. So despite the new curator, the content in this space won’t change substantially. My corner of the store–as well as my own library–is filled with Bibles, Bible reference tools, theology, commentaries, Roman Catholic resources, Biblical studies, history, apologetics, hermeneutics, pastoral resources, and the like. My guess is, you probably read this blog because those topics excite you, too.

That said, my hope is that the new name of this blog will not seem pretentious, as though we are suggesting that there isn’t depth in fiction or popular-level reading material–my desk mate is our fiction buyer, and she would rightly contest such a suggestion. Rather, may it be heard as a good-natured celebration of depth, specifically the depth that can be found in academic books, but also depth wherever it may be found.

I look forward to interacting with you all, whether in store or through this medium. Have fun exploring The Deep End.