Book Giveaway

The Book Giveaway is back on this week! This week I’m offering The Word Enfleshed by Oliver D. Crisp. Here’s the catalog description and table of contents:

A Fresh Theological Account of the Person and Work of Christ

The literature on Christology is large and ever-expanding. The same is true for work on the atonement, which has blossomed in the last decade. Few studies attempt to connect the dots between these two theological topics, however. In this volume, respected theologian Oliver Crisp offers a fresh analytic-theological account of the person and work of Christ, focusing on the theme of union with God Incarnate. Along the way, he engages a range of contemporary and historic Christian thinkers and tackles a number of key issues in contemporary discussions. Wide-ranging and carefully argued, this unified account of the person and work of Christ will be of interest to scholars and students of Christian theology.

1. The Eternal Generation of the Son
2. Christ without Flesh
3. Incorporeality and Incarnation
4. The Christological Doctrine of the Image of God
5. Desiderata for Models of the Hypostatic Union
6. Compositional Christology
7. The Union Account of Atonement
8. The Spirit’s Role in Union with Christ
9. The Nature and Scope of Union with Christ

Leave your name in the comments section no later than Friday, June 30th. I’ll draw the winner’s name that day. If I don’t hear back from the winner within seven days the book will go to another entry. Entries are restricted to U.S. residents.


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I am husband to London, and father of Maggie and Russell. I have worked as Academic Buyer at Baker Book House since 2016.
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