Book Giveaway

This week I’m offering Introducing Theological Method: A Survey of Contemporary Theologians and Approaches, by Mary M. Veeneman. Here are the catalog description and table of contents:

Sound theological method is a necessary prerequisite for good theological work. This accessible introduction surveys contemporary theological methodology by presenting leading thinkers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as models. Figures covered include Karl Barth, James Cone, Avery Dulles, Millard Erickson, Hans Frei, Stanley Grenz, Gustavo Gutiérrez, Elizabeth Johnson, George Lindbeck, Bernard Lonergan, Johann Baptist Metz, Wolfhart Pannenberg, Clark Pinnock, Karl Rahner, Paul Tillich, Kevin Vanhoozer, and Delores Williams. Introducing Theological Method presents the strengths and weaknesses in each of the major options. Rather than favoring one specific position, it helps students of theology think critically so they can understand and develop their own theological method.

Introduction: The Context of Modern Theology
1. The Work of Theology
2. Neo-orthodox and Ressourcement Theologies
3. Theologies of Correlation
4. Postliberal Theologies
5. Evangelical Theologies
6. Political Theologies
7. Feminist Theologies
8. Theologies of Religious Pluralism and Comparative Theology
Conclusion: Where Do We Go from Here?
Suggested Reading List for Students

Leave your name in the comments section no later than Friday, May 18th. I’ll draw the winner’s name that day. If I don’t hear back from the winner within seven days the book will go to another entry. Entries are limited to U.S. residents.


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I am husband to London, and father of Maggie and Russell. I have worked as Academic Buyer at Baker Book House since 2016.
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14 Responses to Book Giveaway

  1. Deborah Barackman says:

    I would be interested to learn about modern trends.


  2. Daniel Lute says:

    Daniel Lute


  3. Daryl Delabbio says:

    Daryl Delabbio


  4. Spencer says:

    Spencer Robinson


  5. Michael says:

    Michael Metts


  6. Mina Gendy says:

    good book


  7. Laura S says:

    Laura Sharp


  8. Harold Dixon says:

    Harold Dixon


  9. Ruben de Rus. Thanks


  10. This looks like a good book. I am a little surprised it is as slim as it is (barely 200p), considering all the views it is summarizing.


  11. Dwight Gingrich says:

    Dwight Gingrich


  12. jghanby says:

    Jacob Hanby


  13. Suzanne Sholer says:

    Sorry I missed your giveaway.I just discovered it at 12:13 a.m. on Saturday morning.


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