This week I’m offering Sustaining Ministry: Foundations and Practices for Serving Faithfully, by Sondra Wheeler. Here are the catalog description and table of contents:

This book offers an account of the moral foundations of pastoral ethics and the underlying dynamics that make the practice of ministry so challenging. Why are Christian leaders whose intentions are good nevertheless at risk? Sondra Wheeler explores the interpersonal dynamics that make ministry powerful and morally dangerous, even for those with the best of intentions. She examines the personal disciplines and spiritual practices that equip ministers to abide by ethical standards when they come under pressure. She also offers practical strategies for navigating challenges, emphasizing the essential practices of prayer and spiritual accountability to sustain safe ministry, and stresses personal vulnerability and “unselfish self-care.”

Introduction: Why Good Rules Aren’t Enough
1. A Moral Framework for Power
2. Laying Deeper Ethical Foundations
3. Protecting Space for Ministry
4. Understanding How Ministers Get into Trouble
5. Embracing the Practices that Sustain Faithfulness
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