Well, I’m back! For some of you I will be a familiar face. For others, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

My name is Louis, and I’ve been with Baker Book House for 19 years. I started with the book store when there was still a location in Holland, MI. I moved to the current store after two years in Holland. Three-and-a-half years ago, I left the retail store to work for our publishing division as publicist for Baker Academic. What a thrill that was! I worked with some of the finest talent in the publishing world, and it allowed me an opportunity to see the publishing industry from the inside. I traveled to several conferences around the United States and made some wonderful friends from other publishers.

But my heart never really left the retail side of the business, and I gradually realized that I should return to my first love. At the beginning of the year, I went back to the store (having just missed the Christmas rush!). My current job includes working with our incredible church relations team and also working as buyer for our Catholic department. I will also be contributing to this blog. Ideally, I’d like to do one post a week (probably on Wednesdays). My colleague, Christopher, has done a wonderful job of keeping this blog going along with his current role as academic and Bible buyer. I consider it a privilege to work alongside him.

So, what’s changed? There is still a core group of people here from when I left (though many of them have transitioned into other jobs), but there are a bunch of new faces which I look forward to getting to know. Every day I’m discovering new titles from publishers other than Baker (I got a bit of tunnel vision while at the publisher), so I’ll be highlighting some of those titles in the weeks to come.

I’m surprised to see the return of vinyl records in our music department. They were just coming back when I left, but I hear they are doing quite well . Something I also wasn’t expecting are the “Hatchimals” in our children’s department. No doubt if I still had young ones, this wouldn’t have been as much of a surprise to me. Now it’s something to think about for my grandkids.

I’ve not been back quite a month now, but it’s starting to feel like home again. The entire staff has worked hard to get me back in the groove, helping me to adapt to the subtle changes in our point of sale  software as well as learning the new phone system (if you call, and I answer the phone, I apologize now if I hang up on you 😊).

My posts will mostly be around new titles I find of interest, which will cover a broad ecumenical spectrum (Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox). Chime in anytime in the comments section. I made a couple of good friends when I first started this blog. I look forward to making many more. Thanks for reading!!