This week I’m offering Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation with the World: A Study of Matthew 5-10, by D.A. Carson. Here is the catalog description:

We have been called to a countercultural life

Those new to Christianity are often drawn to the rich teaching of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount as they find their footing in their new faith. Those who are familiar with Matthew 5-10 from many years in the church may forget just how radical his teaching was to the listeners of his day. Both the new believer and the seasoned saint, says D. A. Carson, need to study the Sermon on the Mount again and again.

In this thorough and yet easy-to-read exposition of one of the church’s most beloved passages of Scripture, Carson clearly presents Christ’s inescapable call on the believer to live a pure and dedicated life in the midst of a corrupt and sinful culture. Pastors, Bible teachers, and students of the Bible who want more than a surface-level devotional on the Sermon on the Mount will find rich insights and practical applications for life.

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