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Gender-Inclusive Bible Translations

Every time, it seems, a new Bible translation reaches the public’s consciousness, a debate is ignited about said translation’s fidelity or lack thereof. The Christian Standard Bible (CSB) has been out for several months, time enough for people to analyze … Continue reading

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Have You Heard of The Passion Translation?

The Passion Translation is one of the newest translations of the Bible in the market. I’m not very familiar with it but do know it comes with a bit of controversy. I’ve been browsing through a new book called God’s … Continue reading

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Do “Reference” Bibles Simply Let Scripture Comment on Scripture With No Human Bias?

Occasionally I get asked for a Bible “with no bias from men.” Apart from the gender language I understand what they mean—they don’t want any human bias. They want just the pure Word of God. Sometimes they ask for a good reference … Continue reading

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2014 Bible Sales by Translation

This isn’t really a best seller list. This is a list of all the Bibles that sold sorted by translation. This year I’ve included not only the sales for 2014 but also the previous year’s sales in parenthesis. NIV – … Continue reading

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Coming Soon – “The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible”

This fall Reformation Heritage will release their new study Bible. Here’s a short video to tell you more about it.

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Coming October 2014 – “The Didache Bible”

This October Ignatius Press will release The Didache Bible. This Bible will be in the Revised Standard Version: Second Catholic edition. The notes will feature “extensive commentaries on all books of the Holy Bible based on the Catechism of the … Continue reading

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“The Psalms” ESV – A Review

I often get requests for a copy of just the Psalms. There aren’t many out there and so I was really pleased when I heard Crossway was going to do an edition of the Psalms. When the ESV first came … Continue reading

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