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Undesigned Coincidences in the Gospels and Acts

What, exactly, is an “undesigned coincidence”? Lydia McGrew explains, An undesigned coincidence is a notable connection between two or more accounts or texts that doesn’t seem to have been planned by the person or people giving the accounts. Despite their … Continue reading

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The Face of Water

Most Christians are, rightly so, of the opinion that robust biblical scholarship is necessary for translating the Bible well. It can be convincingly argued that a love and care for biblical language and literature is just as necessary. I’m currently … Continue reading

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“Suffering and the Search for Meaning” a Review

The problem of evil is “the one argument against God’s existence worth taking seriously.” Everyone will eventually encounter pain and suffering. In his new book, Suffering and the Search for Meaning, Richard Rice offers a picture of seven of the … Continue reading

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“Jesus: A Pilgrimage” by James Martin – A Review

When I first saw this book I said to myself, “Someone is going to come in looking for a green book on Jesus and I’ll know just what they are talking about.” My first inquiry wasn’t like that at all. … Continue reading

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“Jesus Against the Scribal Elite” by Chris Keith – First Thoughts

Chris Keith is a new author for me so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw his new book Jesus Against the Scribal Elite. When I saw endorsements from both Bart Ehrman and Craig Keener (among an impressive … Continue reading

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“Essential Bible Study Tools for Ministry” by David R. Bauer – A Review

I love books which talk about books. In Essential Bible Study Tools for Ministry David R. Bauer offers an extensive bibliography of resources covering a wide range of subjects. It is divided into four parts: The whole Bible, Old Testament, … Continue reading

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“How to Pick Up a Stripper and Other Acts of Kindness” – A Review

Yes, that is the name of the book and it’s not what you think so hang in there with me. The subtitle of the book gives the “rest” of the story: serving people just as they are. I’m reading an … Continue reading

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