Upcoming Events

All events are held in the store unless otherwise indicated. Come early for the best seating. 

2014 Events


7 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Hey when is Baker doing the universal talk?

  2. I actually found this site last evening while seeking the answer to the same question that Christopher asked.

    What could be accomplished by a debate between one whose source of beliefs is the Word of God and the other who does not view Scripture as “divine” but rather a human product?

  3. I have been to a similar debate at Baker, and the topic was the Church. Mike Wittmer was the only individual who had a Bible and referenced it.

  4. Why not consider a discussion of annihilationism or conditional immortality, John Stott held it “tenatively,” Clark Pinnock, Philip Hughes, John Franke, John Stackhouse, and many others hold it definitely,and RIchard Bauckham wrote the foreword to its best-known and latest presentation (THE FIRE THAT CONSUMES, Cascade Books/WIpf and Stock). Read more at http://www.edwardfudge.com/written/fire.html .

  5. Can we buy tickets to these events online?

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