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Book Giveaway

It’s a Tuesday this time around, but this week I’m offering Engaging the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit by Matthew Levering. Here’s the catalog description and table of contents: “Distinguished theologian Matthew Levering offers a historical examination of the doctrine … Continue reading

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Should We Catechize Our Children?

“Should we catechize our children?” is a question I’ve heard a lot recently. Historically, many Christians would have taken the answer for granted, and many traditions still retain a catechism as an important part of the teaching ministry of the … Continue reading

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New from IVP Academic – “Kierkegaard” by Mark A. Tietjen

A few years ago I interviewed one of my coworkers at the time who had completed his thesis on Kierkegaard. (Three parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Since then I’ve had a much greater appreciation for Kierkegaard. So I … Continue reading

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Coming This Month – “Christian Dogmatics” edited by Michael Allen and Scott Swain

This month Baker Academic will be releasing Christian Dogmatics: Reformed Theology for the Church Catholic edited by Michael Allen and Scott Swain. By any measure this will be a standard reference for a long time. Consider these contributors and their … Continue reading

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How Does God “Give” Conversion?

There are two passages in Acts which use a peculiar phrase that has perplexed scholars: “give conversion.” What could this mean? Joel Green examines this phrase in his new book Conversion in Luke-Acts (Baker Academic). Here are the two passages: … Continue reading

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Is Conversion a Process or an Event?

The question of today’s post has occupied me for a long time. I’ve been enjoying Joel Green’s new book Conversion in Luke-Acts (Baker Academic). After reading this part from his book I realized that I have probably beenĀ bifurcating an issue … Continue reading

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The Problem of the New Testament’s Use of the Old Testament and Sensus Plenior

One of the most debated questions in Biblical studies and theology is that of the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament. In the past decade we’ve seen some landmark new books that have treated the topic. One of the … Continue reading

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