Don’t read the headline too fast. It is not the New American Standard Bible (NASB) that is being revised but the New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) which will be revised. The former is a protestant translation while the latter is a Catholic translation. The NABRE just recently had the Old Testament revised and the U. S. Bishops have announced that there are plans to now revise the New Testament. Unlike protestant revisions of Bible translations the process for a Catholic revision is not as quick. The announcement even made a point of saying it “will take a long time.” What that looks like is anyone’s guess. Timothy from Catholic Bibles has some helpful comments on what to expect as well as several questions about the ramifications for other portions of Scripture that have been updated for various liturgical purposes. I’m willing to guess that in the time it takes this revision to be done ten new protestant translations will appear and countless revisions of existing ones will happen. I’m running out of shelf space in my Bible department! Lesson: the Catholics can speed their process up and Protestants can slow way down.